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tv   Todays TMJ4 News Live at 1000  NBC  August 24, 2016 10:00pm-10:35pm CDT

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>> the special forces stand out most recently lived in washington state with his wife. >> coreen zell talked with his widow. she joins us live in brookfield with more. >> matthew thompson was a graduate of central. he attended uwm before heading to california to attend school where he met his wife. she calls her husband the most fearless fun-loving person she this brookfield neighborhood is lined with american flags, a way to show support to their neighbors whose son, 28-year-old matthew thompson, the green beret in the army special forces, died, in afghanistan tuesday. >> he was just my best friend. he went out of his way to unconditionally love me. >> they got married five years ago. after meeting at concordia university in california. >> he almost didn't date because
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really specialized extreme dangerous job. that's who he was. >> thompson enlisted in 2011, he worked as a medic, he was with the foot patrol clearing ieds. the department of defense said thompson died from injuries caused by an explosive. rachel said her husband lost his life doing what he loved. >> he had the time of his life. >> rachel lastal husband sunday night. he told her he was going to be doing something dangerous. so they wouldn't be able to talk for a while. they prayed together and he told her how much he loved her. live in brookfield, coreen zell, today's tmj4. >> carole: so sad, coreen, thank you very much. overcast skies earlier today, then the sun came out. >> and that made the moist air thicker than any of us wanted.
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right now. look at these temperatures, george, 80, still, in milwaukee at this hour. look at sheboygan. dew points are in the 70s also. here's the showers i'm talking about, actually had a little lightning as it came in mid evening, but now they are dissipating into just a band of very light showers. we're not out of the woods yet, there's energy to the south. some of it could drift into milwaukee in the morning hours. basically south of we start out with a shower south, 68?, humidity slowly moves out tomorrow. some pleasant weather to talk about. i'll be back with that in just a few minutes. >> thank you, john. officials have declared a temporary state of emergency in the indiana county hit hard by tornadoes. residents in howard county and the city of kokomo have been told to go home. every street in the city and county is now closed to non emergency vehicles after multiple tornadoes hit various
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>> kokomo may have seen the worst damage where a number of businesses, and multiple homes were flattened. >> no one seriously hurt. >> let's get to john malan. he watched them on radar. >> john: one of the reasons i think no one was hurt, they had plenty of warning. as the squall line moved, here's kokomo, right here, and as we get real close, look at the pronounced hook echo which indicates the kokomo area. so they had plenty of advanced warning on these strong storms. that may have been what saved lives there. >> carole: indiana governor vice presidential candidate -- >> our hearts go out to the families of the communities
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businesses impacted. we are thankful there are no reports of serious injuries or fatalities. >> tomorrow, governor pence plans to tour the storm-damaged areas, he will remain in his state to make sure people impacted by the storms have the support they need. >> carole: a toddler killed in a tragic accident, remembering the young boy as adventurous and happy. katie crowther talked with him mom and grandma tonight. katie joins us live. >> reporter: carole and ge, released an exact cause of death yet. but family of michael mccoy says his death at just 2 years old is a horrible accident. >> family and friends called him little mike, the 2-year-old was always on the move. >> i wish i could trade places with my baby. i would within a second. he had a whole life to live. >> his mother could not hold back tears as his father stood in despair.
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release balloons in little mike's honor. his 5-year-old sister wondering why he's not here. >> i don't know what to tell my daughter she doesn't have brother anymore. she's crying, and i can't do nothing to help her. >> they say little mike woke up from a nap, climbed onto a shoe box and tried to get outside. as he was climbing through a window his head and neck got stuck, leaving him hanging out of it, cutting off his air supply. his 13 and 18-year-old >> he couldn't find them. for like 15 minutes. when they found him, he was in the window. >> that 13-year-old having a hard time coping. >> i had to hold my 13-year-old all night, making him understand that it's not his fault. he saw him, felt his body not responding to him. >> they hope others with young children will learn from this and realize how quickly a deadly
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>> the window did not have a screen. the family says they've been asking their landlord to put screens in. screens in old windows are not required, if there was no screen thereupon moving in reporting live, katie crowther, today's tmj4. >> thank you, katie. continuing coverage. the drivers wanted in a crash last night 11-year-old girl. police say the girl was riding her bike near 27th and burleigh, after hitting the girl, the driver sped away. officers believe they do know who the driver is. so far, they have not made an arrest. that little girl is now said to be in critical condition. a woman is sent to the hospital after another hit-and-run in milwaukee. she was struck by a car this afternoon at 40th and villard. the injuries not believed
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in this case. new at 10:00, teams can gather in a space made especially for them. the wauwatosa library opening up where 6th through 12th graders can meet to study. it's a first of its kind facility in milwaukee county libraries. >> we are pretty excited about it. it is a wonderful gift from the library foundation. >> and the new area opened during regular library hours. >> carole:a wisconsin students preparing for college have fallen below the national average on the act test. scores in wisconsin dropped 1.7 points just in the last year. educators say that's partly because the entire senior class is now required to take the test, whether they're going to college or not. >> and once you start putting everybody into the mix, including all students who don't necessarily have a desire to go onto college, and are being mandated to take a test.
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averaging 20.5 on the a.c.t. the national average is 20.8. a little rain did not stop the class of 2020 from getting settled into their new digs. it's move-in day at marquette university. this year's freshmen class is 2,000 students in size, coming from 40 states and 22 different countries. welcome. well, check this out. teachers usingap students. >> take a listen to dwayne reed. >> ? hello, i'm your teacher... >> he is new to the classroom and new to the rap game, as well. >> what inspired you to do this? >> yeah, good question. >> ? workin' hard, the bell starts ringing...? >> if i can get my kids on board with me, connecting with me before i even meet them.
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jackpot. >> cool teacher. reed's video received over 200,000 views on youtube. >> carole: one way to motivate the kids. a support group for people who support... where a church is the meeting spot for racist anonymous. >> carole: plus, showing off the moves of these young bucks, hoping for a chance to dance at half time. >> kindness during acts of violence, how people jumped into action when a sherman park station was set ablaze and employees trapped inside. tonight show is next. here's jimmy fallon with a
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?? the healing in sherman park is ongoing. as we continue to hear stories of kindness. >> carole: most of us remember the powerful station burning. >> what you might not realize, two workers were trapped inside. >> rebecca klopf talks exclusively to several people who jumped into action when others stood by. rebecca? >> reporter: george and carole, four community activists took action when they saw people trapped. they ran into a burning building to help, while they were surrounded by violence. >> reporter: violence and chaos,
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gas station. this man slammed into the bulletproof glass over and over, two clerks trapped helplessly watching. at the same time the gas station is lit on fire. >> it was chaos. >> it was a nightmare. >> she said she had been out earlier trying to calm people down. that's when she saw what was happening at the bp. she said she knew at least one woman was inside working. >> i kept there, she's in there. >> her screams were heard, and they jumped into action. >> realizing before long, flames would engulf it and they would not be able to get out. i think the people that i was with and myself just reacted. >> myself and a couple other people tried to talk them into coming out. they were so scared they didn't want to come out. we actually went into the store and got them out. >> the female clerk grabbed onto
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starting it for the clerk so the two workers could escape the violence. only realizing after they were gone what could have happened. >> it could have been two lives gone, over something that could have been prevented. >> reporter: i did speak to the fourth rescuer, but he did not want to go on camera. milwaukee police are still investigating the events that led up to the fire and the fire itself. carole and george. >> carole: they are heroes, thank you very much, rebecca. take a close look at this picture. this man is wd to the violence in sherman park. if you happen to know who he is, police want to hear from you. the atf is offering a $10,000 reward for information, that leads to an arrest and conviction of the suspects linked to the sherman park... >> you're going to find coverage of the healing in sherman park by going to our web site, militants attacked the university of afghanistan in kabul killing one and wounding another 18.
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public health say a guard m employed by the university had been killed. security forces were tracking the terrorists. rescue crews using bulldozers, even their bare hands to dig out survivors following a powerful earthquake that reduced towns to rubble. a girl pulled out of the rubble 17 hours after the quake struck central italy. 160 people of milwaukee's italian community center saying the organization will coordinate relief efforts for earthquake victims. >> we, obviously, are going to try to take some type of action as far as fundraising, and try to help with some relief while we're back in italy. >> and nbc's bill neely will be reporting live from italy as search for survivors continues. >> carole: fans of celebrities
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she became the victim of another hacker attack. the comedian who starred in "ghostbusters" has since taken that web site down. a church in north carolina has been holding weekly support group meetings for racists. the racists anonymous meetings began last month. the pastor is sick of the recent shootings and racial unrest and said he wanted just pray. >> it may not be the first thing you want to talk about around thanksgiving dinner with your family. those conversations are going to be more and more common going forward. >> carole: most are church members. but people from the community have been going to the weekly meeting. check this out. in his hall of fame career, kobe bryant split time with jerseys number 8 and 24. it's not a coincidence that the
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for his 20 years of accomplishment on the court as well as charitable contributions off the court. audition week rolls on at the bmo harris bradley center. kids are eager to entertain at the bucks' game. >> these kids can really dance. ?? >> i don't know about you, but i didn't spot any of these kids with two left feet. they are all in the running to make the squad. the team for the second straight year. >> it was kind of fun, because i got a solo, and... >> tomorrow one of you will take over the court. auditions taking place at 6:00 p.m. you must be 18 years old, and experienced in basketball gymnastics or some other extreme
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a 52-card vertical leap. >> is it me, or are our kids getting more talented younger. hopefully you enjoyed the summer evening. >> the sun sank low in the sky as the light of day drained away and gave way to the velvety dark of night, crickets chirping. i love twilight john malan. >> john: i don't know how to follow the py i could follow with this. you folks who need the rain, this is what you got. some of you folks did get a lot. only a third in pewaukee. look at the airport. only 21/100ths of an inch. two inches below normal. for the summer, we're still at 4.37 inches below normal. so we need the rain around here.
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showers. an isolated thundershower in jefferson county. that has passed, diminished, weakened. very light through this evening. a secondary energy to the south that could bring rain by 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. it should be over in the wee hours of the morning, probably 8:00, 9:00 in the morning. 87 the high, 85 in lacrosse. cooler temperatures moving from the northwest. the dew points drog while we suffer overnight tonight, with dew points in the 70s, there's better humidity, lower humidity moving in during the day tomorrow, and into friday. it's still 80? here in milwaukee. 75 racine and kenosha also out at whitewater, 72 fond du lac and beaver dam. that front's rolling through right now, and as it does so, generates showers, pulling some of that moisture in out of illinois, showers, maybe an
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9:00, 10:00. most of the rain gone. sunshine after that. high pressure keeps us high and dry into thursday night, and right on into friday. so for tonight, it will be muggy out there, still. isolated showers still possible, 68?. could even hear a rumble of thunder after 3:00 or 4:00 in the morning. especially south of milwaukee. and same for early morning tomorrow. rain or showers, mainly south of milwaukee till maybe 9:00 or 10:00. 81, and then the skies clear out later in the da and beautiful day on friday. sunshine, cooler, less humid air, high 75. into the weekend, these are not all-day rains. in the afternoon and evening could see a thunderstorm, 77 saturday, 80 sunday, a morning shower. monday, a shower possible, and 78?, 80 and partly cloudy into tuesday. and then on wednesday, could see
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all right. feingold: that's my grandfather with a brand new truck. it was one of the first to come out of this plant in 1923. but today, too many good manufacturing jobs are shipped away because of a tax code that actually rewards companies for exporting jobs. let's close the corporate loopholes- that will save taxpayer money and help business create jobs here. i'm russ feingold and i approve this message because we don't need an economy that works only for ceos,
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?? today, packers linebackers clay matthews and julius peppers met with the nfl about the ped allegations from an al-jazeera report. they have yet to see action pre-season so far, the same goes for quarterback aaron rodgers, who is expected to take some snaps against the 49ers friday. rodgers doesn't need to see anything out there. there's something he wants to see out of himself.
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that's the key. so, been doing some extra on the side to make sure i'm ready. again, if you're playing the games in pre-season, the first two, i wouldn't play a whole lot anyways, actually the stuff i'm doing on gameday is probably more exertion than i would be doing on the field. i'm confident that the work i've put in the off-season and the work this past month in camp, i'll be ready to go once the season starts. >> a week from saturday, a different wisconsin quarterback will be on lambeau field. ly just yet. green bay, the site of wisconsin's home opener against lsu, no starting quarterback has been named yet. still hornerbrook approaching the situation like it's him. >> for both of us, we're a starter, we're going to prepare, and play, and practice the same. >> the waiting is not too tough. i don't know anything different. since i came in the spring, it's
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. a win today for the brewers over the rockies, first series sweep since july 31, marking four straight wins matching a season high. zach davies trying to snap a losing streak. first inning, he gives up a homer. second over tgi fridays.
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plate. he shows off, cuts off the ball, nice move. in the fourth, ryan braun ties up this ballgame with a solo shot to left. another one, that was the spot tonight. then in the 7th, braun with another homer. a two-run shot to center to put the crew up 5-1. they score two more runs before the end of the inning, brewers winning 7-1, a sweep of the rockies. hope solo suspended for what u.s. soccer is calling conduct counter to the organization's principals. they are called a bunch of cowards. the suspension is effective immediately, shea won'table available for team usa until february. the second suspension in two years. olympic swimmer katie ledecky at national park threw out the first pitch.
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19-year-old threw it in there
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[ cheers and applause ] ?? >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- aaron paul,


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